Monday, December 3, 2012

Calendar Collage

I like doing collage. I don't know if other artists feel this way, but often after I finish a painting or drawing, I don't really have a desire to see it much anymore. Sort of like hanging a photo of yourself on your own wall. It might look nice, but generally you've been there and done that. Collage feels very different than that to me. By mixing together and rearranging the images and designs of others, I feel like I get to pull from places in my subconscious that wouldn't otherwise make themselves known. I also enjoy the sense that I'm putting a puzzle together that reveals itself step by step. For these reasons I don't get tired of looking at these pictures, and I'm pretty attached to them. Anyway, the next three images are from a series I'm currently working on that's loosely based on the months, and will eventually make up a 12 month calendar that I plan on marketing. ( if anyone feels like putting them in a show that would be great too)


I think this is May, but that's still to be determined.



  1. I want a calendar!!! woot! --cyd

  2. I think let some of them be a surprise.


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