Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I have a thing for old cars. Anything say, pre 1990. I like cars that are made out of steel and glass and float down the road, and when you are behind the wheel you know that you are in charge of a big, powerful machine.

My affinity for 
classics may have something to do with the car that I grew up with- a  baby blue 1973 Buick Electra with power windows and white vinyl interior- aka The Queen Mary. 
That's me in the back and my little sister in the front, looking very chill in her Hollywood glasses.

These are painted in oil on small (4"x 6") panels that were well gessoed and super smooth. I really liked the idea of squeezing such  a grand car onto a small surface- for me it evokes the feeling that I get from these cars anyway- like they are too big to be contained. Plus, all that chrome deserves some attention,  wouldn't you agree?

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  1. These are beautiful cars. Congratulations on your talent.


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