Monday, October 1, 2012

Mermaid, ballpoint pen
Just a little doodle. I've always suspected that the "doodles" that take place while I'm talking on the phone or just sitting around come from a different place in my consciousness than the more controlled, careful drawings and paintings of the work I show. I think they tend to leak a little more insight into whats going on with my subconscious than do the planned images- although- that may not apply with this little person. I just like doing the simple face and placing it in all manner of situations.  
Kelley's Island. Buffalo New York is on the other side of the water.
Ever seen this happen in the sky before? I haven't. This isn't Photoshopped in any way. I took it at dusk. in Ohio.

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  1. (Ohio photo) There is a cloud "below" the horizon, casting a shadow on the higher altitude clouds and atmospheric haze. I've often seen this after a stormy day. (This is Jay, by the way :-)


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