Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm beginning to work more seriously with photography. I will have some work in an upcoming show at Kibbee Gallery in October.   I took this photo with my (fun little) Canon Elph 300 hs on a recent trip to Kelleys Island in Ohio.  

I've been challenging myself recently reproduce my own work. I have a series of watercolor illustrations that I'm making for a children's book, and while I've mostly finished, I'm being picky and repainting each image onto a higher quality paper. It's been an exercise to see how close I can come to duplicating the original, and that idea has been working its way into my doodles. (I kind of suspect that my interest in replicating line and form may also have something to do with my interest in working with other people's handwriting in some of my other pieces.) 

Kelleys Island, 2012. 

I like this little person. He/she  show up quite a bit in my doodles. I'm working on a couple of oil paintings for the upcoming  Swan Coach House "Little Things Mean Alot" show that involve this character, who up until now has been only ink. I'll post them once they are presentable....

"Jay", 3"x 4", colored pencil and ink on toned paper

finally- this is unrelated and has nothing to do with me, but it's great and like I said, I wanted to put up a variety. . .

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